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American Mobility is a family owned and operated business located in Raleigh, NC. Our coverage area includes most of North Carolina and southern Virginia. We stand by our reputation of keeping customer service as our top priority. We will fill the needs of our customers fairly and efficiently. By remaining independently owned and operated, our employees can continue to provide the absolute best care and service that American Mobility’s customers have come to expect.


What separates American Mobility from its competitors is our ability to “get the job done” quickly and efficiently. From the moment you call, whether it is for sales or service, you will feel an instant connection with American Mobility. You will see that our staff goes the extra mile to please and to make sure that things move quickly and smoothly. Our staff is very experienced and will give you reality based answers and solutions to your questions and problems. This is what keeps us in business and fuels our continuous growth.

P: (919) 876-3600 

Toll Free: (888) 333-5655

F: (919) 876-3677

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American Mobility, LLC

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